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Home Buyer Incentive program

PoliceHomes.com is offering up to 50% cash back incentive program for any Law Enforcement, Fire, or Military (active duty, retired, or veteran) personnel when you buy a home using one of our real estate agents. This is a special program offered to the great men and women and their families because we appreciate what you do for us. Click here to learn the details of the program.

PoliceHomes.com is owned and operated by a current Police Officer and veteran. He created this real estate firm to provide top notch service to all our public servants and military to help them through the home buying process and give them a cash back incentive. Just as an example, if you buy a $400,000 home with PoliceHomes.com you will receive $5000 cash to you. NO other real estate agent will do that for you!

PoliceHomes.com Incentives Package

Just check them out and you will see we are the only place to buy your home!
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About US

My name is Brook Johnson, and I am the co- founder of PoliceHomes.com.  I am a licensed California Real Estate Broker (Lic #01421164), License CPA (Lic# 88469) and a full-time police officer for the City of Los Angeles.

When I bought my first house I walked in to sign the loan documents and found out that my mortgage broker was making about $25,000 and my agent was making $15,000. They took me for $40,000, WOW! Who do you think is paying for that? Me! And when you buy a house, you will too, unless you have someone on your side looking out for you. 

That is why I decided to get my Broker's license and help other people through the home buying process, and make sure you don't pay an extra $40,000 or more over the time you pay for your house!

I teamed up with my business partner Alan Kurpiewski (MBA DRE Lic #01912943) to create the PoliceHomes.com Incentive Package specifically for cops, and due to tremendous interest, we expanded it to all Military, Veterans, and Fire Personnel. 

Nothing makes us happier than to walk someone through the home buying process, making sure they get a good loan, and that they truly feel that we were honest and took care of them!

So if  you really want yourself, a friend, or family member to save $1,000's of dollars when buying or selling your home, call or email.  Even if you just have questions about the process, get a hold of myself or my business partner Alan K.  We are always happy to discuss your situation and answer questions.

How the program works

When you buy a home, a traditional real estate agent receives a commission of 2.5% of the homes purchase price. Buy with PoliceHomes.com, and we'll refund up to 55% of that commission right back to you. We do this simply because we feel that the men and women who serve us in Law Enforcement, Emergency Services and the Military deserve this kind of incentive when buying a home.


Here is how much you can get: (remember the actual amount will be based on the final sales price, call or email for a specific home)



Getting the picture? Not only do you get cash back, but as an added incentive check out all the other benefits of buying with PoliceHomes.com.

Please Tell a Friend or Co-worker

In order for as many Law Enforcement, Emergency Personnel and Veterans to get this beneift we need your help. Download our flyer by clicking here and pass it along or post it in your station. As an added incentive, we are now offering an extra $250-500* donated to your Police Officer's Association, or Charity of your choice upon closing of escrow, call or email us with details. Seriously, we are happy to talk and are not pushy salesmen, we just enjoy helping others buy great homes and be happy with our service. If you would like to email this webpage to a friend, just go to contacts below and enter your friend's email address, we promise we won't spam them! Thanks for the support.


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(* I hate asterisks, but the final amount of cash back incentive and amount donated to your POA or charity will depend on the final sales price of the home and the actual amount of commission paid out. Please call or email with questions regarding this)

We have a whole list of incentives available to home buyers, incentives that no one else offers.

PoliceHomes.com Incentives Package

Just check them out and you will see we are the only place to buy your home!
See homes available here.
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